Passion, origins

Massimo Camia was born in Dogliani on September 12th 1960, and has lived in Monforte d'Alba since the age of 14. He has always been passionate about cooking and serving good food.

After attending hotel school in Ceres, in the Lanzo Valleys north of Turin, he gained experience and developed organizational skills working in major hotels before returning to ply his trade locally.

Deeply attached to the area where he grew up, in 1986 he began his first experience as a restaurateur in the nearby town of Mondovì. Two years later he was joined front of house by former schoolteacher Luciana, also from Monforte, who would become his wife and follow him patiently.

Driven by his love for the Langa and its magical appeal, Massimo’s strong desire to return to the heart of the area of his birth led him in 1990 to open the Locanda nel Borgo Antico in Barolo.

This small restaurant was located on the first floor of a building in the centre of the village, just a short way from the Castle. And in 2001 all of Massimo and Luciana’s hard work on a journey packed with satisfactions was honoured with the much longed for and sought after Michelin Star. A highly coveted award that arrived along with a host of high ratings from the food guides.

Massimo and Luciana had already worked with the Damilano family on key collaborations, and now they have teamed up with them to open their signature restaurant alongside the prestigious DAMILANO WINERY

MASSIMO CAMIA’s is warm and cosy, with a modern yet appealing ambience offering great views over the hills of the Langa. A dynamic young crew and bespoke location have given both the cuisine and the hospitality extra new impetus.

Priority is constantly given to sourcing local produce for a local, yet very personal style of cooking.

The restaurant is located within the commune of La Morra, on the main road between Barolo and Alba, on the first floor.

In our list producers are presented one by one with their wines.

We believe BAROLO to be UNIQUE though, so a separate section is dedicated to this wine in order to give it the importance it deserves.

A selection of wines is also always available by the glass on the recommendation of the Sommelier. 

Curiamo gli eventi in esterno con la stessa e meticolosa cura che abbiamo all'interno del nostro ristorante, andando in contro alle esigenze di ogni singolo cliente.
Tel. 0173 56355 - Cell. 339 7708664

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la Certificazione verde CV19 digital COVID certificate si ottiene:
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Where we are

Strada Provinciale Alba-Barolo 122, La Morra (CN)
Coordinate GPS: 44°37'39'' n - 7°57'27'' e
tel.: +39 017356355 - +39 3420515132
fax: +39 0173560935
Massimo Camia: +39 3397708664


Durante l'anno chiusi il Martedì e il Mercoledì tutto il giorno.
Settembre, Ottobre e Novembre chiusi Martedì tutto il giorno e Mercoledì a pranzo.

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Camia Massimo e c snc 
P.IVA e C.F.: 
TEL.: 0173.56355 - 342.0515132 
FAX: 0173.560935
Sede legale

Camia Massimo e c snc 
via soprana 3 12060 barolo (CN) 
Sede operativa
s.p.3 alba barolo 122 
12064 la morra (CN)



REGIONE PIEMONTE                      2500                                        23/6/20 BONUS PEMONTE
AGENZIA ENTRATE                         5639                                        23/7/20 CONTRIBUTO F.DO PERDUTO DL34/20
AGENZIA ENTRATE                        11278                                       10/11/20 CONTRIBUTO F.DO PERDUTO DL 34/20
AGENZIA ENTRATE                         2352                                        31/12/20 CREDITO IMPOSTA CANONI LOCAZIONE
AGENZIA ENTRATE                         5639                                        31/12/20 CONTRIBUTO F.DO PERDUTO NATALE DL 172/20